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... to Pingstkyrkan in Mönsterås! We are a Christian congregation consisting of people of all ages and of different backgrounds. We meet for Sunday services, prayer and fellowship. We believe that God has open arms and wants every man and woman to belong to Him - that is why God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to this earth. We believe that meeting and accepting Jesus Christ will change your life and give you a transformed and new life, during both good and difficult times.
We believe that there is strength in gathering together as a congregation, where we can encourage each other.

We celebrate our Sunday services together with another congregation here in Mönsterås, "Kuggåskyrkan". Every other week the service ("Gudstjänst" in Swedish) is in Pingstkyrkan (there is a map at the bottom of the page) and every other week it is in Kuggåskyrkan (Kuggåsvägen 1, close to the main library). The calendar will show where the service is each week. Usually we meet at 10 am.

Please ask the churchwardens if you would like interpretation to English.